Where is the Salt Lake satellite?

Recently, there has been a lot of ingress to Salt Lake.io, so there are days when there is more than 300GB ingress per day.
Looking at the map, it looks like an American city. Is it showing high ingress due to the increase in the number of American subscribers?
It’s interesting because it seems to show a different appearance after the version change to 1.104.5.

The Saltlake satellite is a test satellite, no customer data.

The ingress you are seeing is a result of recent testing.

I think the Saltlake name is just a label for the satellite. Storj satellites are hosted on Google Cloud and while there is a Salt Lake City datacenter, saltlake.tardigrade.io seems to resolve to a location in California.


Was it a test satellite? Maybe one day it’ll go into the trash…:frowning:

It’s paid production test satellite.
See Satellite info (Address, ID, Blobs folder, Hex)
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That was good news, thank you! :slight_smile:

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