Where is the windwos installer

The instructions at https://documentation.storj.io/setup/gui-windows/storage-node say to download the windows msi installer:


… but that file does not exist at that location.


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It seems to be a bug. There was a recent change where linux binaries are being released and it prompted all releases to be in .zip. Hence the missing .msi in the filename.

Here you go though:

@Alexey Please fix the documentation link.

sorry not following - storagenode_windows_amd64.zip does not contain an installer, it contains a CLI app.

For now you can just use an older version, https://github.com/storj/storj/releases/download/v1.13.3/storagenode_windows_amd64.msi.zip

The documentation link is correct, but the msi installer is missed.
I asked the team to upload an MSI, but it could not happen until 2020-10-11T21:00:00Z

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The file has been uploaded