Where to buy public ip?

where to buy public ip? which website

You get one form your ISP you can ask them but I doubt they will even consider it if you aren’t a company. Or a VPN might be a solution, I wouldn’t recommend

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What are you trying to do ?

new node with new ip public but isp does not provide

Residential ISP’s generally will not hand out static or more than one IP per account. Generally if I wanted to have multiple single IP in separate /24 networks would require me to have a business account and deal with higher pricing.

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IP addresses are given by ISPs, if you want a static one you can ask your ISP for for it, but it’s gonna cost money and it might be significant.

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Set up Dynamic DNS and you won’t need a static IP.


where you live ? in Denmark it really no problem getting one and cost only 3,11 $