Where to find explanations about disqualified node?

I have two nodes. One has been disqualified on several satellites but I do not know why.
I have found only successful audits on the log and nothing anormal happened.

How to get detailled explanations about DQ ?

my log: https://www.file.io/download/?fileId=S04JiNxjMv6d
my dashboard:

Check your log for GET_AUDIT and failed in single line.

How is your HDD connected ?

looks like your disk maybe bad, some data may have been corrupted and then when to many audits hit the bad data your node gets lower audit scores…

there are basically only two ways to fail audits, or atleast i can think of right now.

  1. the data stored is corrupt
  2. the connection to the storage solution is bad, but not completely disconnected.

shutdown the node and run a chkdsk or whatever it’s called, it will most likely show your hdd has failed storing the data correctly.

if so the question is if you want to save the node… seems like saltlake and eu north is still viable… which are most likely the main part of the stored data… so in theory you might be able to GE on those satellites or simply move it to the working hdd.

in which case it might be better to shut it down sooner rather than later, if you want any hope of saving it, you can be offline for like 12 days before getting a suspension… so best to solve the issue with limited uptime, else you might be pretty sure the remaining satellites will also DQ your node, if it wasn’t just a temporary issue… which is ofc possible, and why nerdatwork asked how you connected your drive, because some network or usb setups have … issues…

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3. the data is missing
4. the data is there but the node takes more than 5 minutes to respond correctly to audits

With regards to bad connection, I don’t know I would have thought it would simply suspend a node… ? As if it was offline? Not sure.


both should be counted in my case tho, because my storagenode is located in the same location as the data and my hw watchdog would shutdown the OS if it was unresponsive.

i’ve seen poor connections do all sorts of things, most often they just won’t work, but from time to time the will work but be unstable… in case of hdd’s make data that goes to or from the disk seem corrupted, in some cases even graphics cards can be connected and working but running poorly simply because they don’t have a good connection to the mobo.

ofc thats why one should use screws… xD

we can fully agree that if it is just offline or the hdd disconnects the node will shut itself down, since v 1.14.1 i think it was…
its not unlike when an internet connection is spotty… most often the websites or data transfers won’t be affected, but if it barely works, like say disconnects and reconnects rapidly (because everything vibrates i suppose) then you get this limbo where more of the normal ruleset is almost just out the window.

ofc depends on a lot of factors, but i’ve seen similar things in so many different cases, that it’s just an inherent phenomenon relating to electrical connections…
just like when a loose connection in a light makes EMI or radio waves to make the door bell ring randomly.

electricity is weird and wonderful… xD