Which are the percentages for losing a month payout and disqualification?

I’ve had some problems with my nodes this month (a power sortage in one 2 of my nodes in 1 location last week and now a software problem with docker that made me reinstall the s.o and rebuild everithing (with same HDD and credentials,but all software reinstalled)

now seems to be working fine,but all my nodes are al 97-98% in online,but I’m have not very clear what this means for this month payment (suppose already lost),for my undistributed payout and for the next month payments.

if someone could clarify this to me,I’ve tryed to do some research but can’t find where is posted this info

hi @camulodunum,

The node can be offline for 288 hours during one 28 day period. This equates to an Online amount of 60% - if you drop below 60% then your node could be suspended or disqualified. As you are not near 60% your payments will be normal, along with the held amounts. To receive a payment you will need to meet the minimum threshold amount for your payment method, otherwise it will add to the undistributed amount.


Hi @camulodunum,

When online score falls beyond offline threshold storagenode becomes suspended meaning it won’t receive any new data, however node continues to receive download and audit requests for data it currently holds. When node becomes suspended there is a time frame when node is under review if by the end of the review period online score has not risen above offline threshold node will be disqualified.

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