Which node generates the money?


I’m operating 3 nodes, 1 wonky that is full and two newer ones with descent hardware and setup.
On payday I got 4 payments, 2 very small ones, one in the 1$ range and a big one. Now I have no
idea which nodes are generating the token payouts. Is there any way to find out?

Using this, you can this calculate how much each node makes. That is the only way as of now, unless you use multiple wallets, or you could use the profit estimator (probably wont be as accurate if you are running 3 nodes)

I think each satellite does one transaction for all nodes with the same payout address. So it’s probably cumulative across all nodes. But I only run a single node myself, so can’t confirm on my end.


I understand it like you said, that the satellites checks wallet address and all nodes on same wallet address gets one payout per satellite

Every satellite only does one payment for all nodes at the moment. I can confirm that having 3 nodes myself. Still get only 4 payments.


Same here 2 nodes 4 payments…

Yep, explains the 4 payouts.

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