Which repository contains the page to register a node?


I wanted to know the exact repo where node register page (Sign up and host a Node on Storj) is located. Couldn’t find the same in the storj repo.

Thanks in advance.

It’s not needed for the local/test network. You just add your satellite to the node’s trusted list and disable checking the CA whitelist on the satellite and the node (for example via environment variable: export STORJ_SERVER_USE_PEER_CA_WHITELIST="false" or the command line option --server.use-peer-ca-whitelist=false or in the config.yaml as server.use-peer-ca-whitelist: false).
The code for certificates you may see there: storj/certificate at main · storj/storj · GitHub
and here the certificates server: storj/cmd/certificates at main · storj/storj · GitHub