Which satellite sends you most data?

My node is located in the Mid-east of the USA. And, almost all the data from stefan-benten.de

It seems there is an us-central-1 satellite. But, only less than 1% of the data are from this satellite.

So, which satellite sends you most data?

saltlake gives me most ingress. stefan-benten gives me the most egress

You might as well just include how you get those graphs. Someone is going to ask. :wink:

I’m almost certain most older nodes see the same thing. I know I do. Lots of ingress from Saltlake and lots of download from stefan-benten. All the other satellites see some traffic, but not that much. If your node is newer, you’re probably missing out on the downloads from stefan-benten right now.

Yeah, someday I should probably write a tutorial. The problem is that setting up zabbix on its own is not that straightforward, so if I just give the scripts and templates some people may not be able to use them :slight_smile:

In broad terms though, I use zabbix as the monitoring system and get the data from API.

I am getting most ingress and egress from Saltlake. I live in the midwest US.

  • Saltlake: Egress 214 GB — Ingress 4.5 TB
  • Stefan: Egress 101 GB — Ingress 156 GB
  • EU-West: Egress 26 GB — Ingress 506 GB
  • Central: Egress 9 GB — Ingress 285 GB

egress 0.001%
ingress 99-999& saltlake