Who could take a look into my node status?

Hi Alexey,

My node have been in a downtime for more than 3 weeks due to the imposibility to purchase and receive a suitable PSU before.

I have not received emails regarding disqualification on THIS node, I had some node disqualifications before but those where due to a merge rebuild on several small nodes into phisically one new.

Who may I ask to check my node status?

Thank you.

Vetting process has stuck!

Node is 4 months old and the output of earnings.py shows no progress over the time, it is always stuck at 78%, 78%, 75%, 47%.

If your node is online, not suspended and not disqualified - it’s working normally.
You can also check your logs for errors: How do I check my logs? - Node Operator
And please, make sure that you run the latest version.
If your node is two versions behind the current one (see https://version.storj.io/), the ingress traffic will stop.
Update your node and configure automatic updates: Software Updates - Node Operator