Who is pumping Storj?

What happen ? Why is Storj pumping

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Automated computer trading, but I won’t complain Storj double its value in a single day.

I trusted this project so much, I held all my earned tokens for one and a half year, and then I took advice and sold everything at 0.65$. I’ve think I’ve never felt so terrible. What’s happening now is amazing, but I can’t believe I am missing out…

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As a reminder, we don’t participate in trading competitions, airdrops, or conversations that could be interpreted as speculation about the price of STORJ token. As you may know, Storj Labs aims to be leaders in compliance and governance, and our current policy and approach is to avoid these types of activities.

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Same story as those who spent 100 bitcoins to buy a pizza a few years ago. Crypto’s are highly speculative and no one has a crystal ball to determine which will rise or fall.


Don’t use the STORJ token for an activity where the income from Tardigrade and the and the payout to the SNO’s is based on the USD.
If you need to keep the token for some legal/fiscal reasons and as the name STORJ is closely associated to this site you should open a STORJ token section in the forums.

Jocelyn is posting this all the time because we have internal rules. You are free to continue this conversation but we have to stay away from it. So don’t get that message wrong. It is just a reminder that you should be careful. If someone is participating in any of these mentioned activities and pretends to work for storj it is most likely a scam. That is the message Jocelyn is trying to deliver.


I don’t have any clue on why the STORJ token is raising as crazy in last the few days. I only see a 4.6 billions USD trades today on a less than 1B USD market cap, we are clearly in the automated computer trading range, no were close of any SNO’s or daytrader would generate.
STORJ is the only user of this token and opening a sub forum about the token value where we could exchange our though about the STORJ token value would be nice.

As soon as it got onto a new exchange everyone jumped on the bandwagon. Including bot owners. I hope it’s a sturdy wagon.

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Don’t bet to much on that, automated computer trading can switch from buy to short sale in a matter of micro-seconds.

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It is simple, storj now is on coinbase pro, this is exchage with bigest ammount of money, people started to buy it. Yesterday price gone up to 3$. So people who holded can make additional profit now.
I not work for storj.
Just do trading on coinbase.
Be carelfull if want to buy and make profit, prise hopping very fast.

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may be even more hold is beter, some prognoses show it will more expensive, but it your choise and resposnsibilitie.

Damn, looks like the pump has jammed.

Send an SN technician please.

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