Who/what companies are going to use storj?

I know that filezilla has the abillity to upload to Storj.
I dont know if its only for V2 so far.
Do we know of any companies that are going with Storj at release or later on.

Or is this hush hush as for now😀

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HI @John.A

We do know of some companies, yes! I will look for the list. Some stuff is hush, and some isn’t. Usually when something is “hush hush” its only because we are still carrying out a discussion. When the details are complete, we very happily announce everything, in as many places as we can think of.

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Check out https://storj.io/partners/ for a list of our partners – and yes, everything is geared toward V3 which is looking great!


Thanks for the input

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I’m not big enough to probably count on that page but we are IT Consultants who use Wasabi to backup Synology appliances to for our clients. I’m looking for Storj to provide that storage once it’s stable. I can’t wait for that as it’s several dozen TB worth of data for some clients.


Cool. So you are going to use storj for your company.
I think thats a great backup solution

We want all the data @ryan! Have you signed up on the developer waitlist and or received an invitation to create an account and start using the V3 alpha network? We are looking for feedback from developer who have been using the alpha so that we can make adjustments to the user experience before our beta and production releases.

We can wait for you to start storing that data on V3 and we are trying our hardest to make that happen as soon as possible!

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I signed up for the developer account but haven’t heard anything back yet. I have a ton of test data I could work with on a fast connection if that helps.

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