Why ? am i disqualified ? have 4 nodes and is only on this one?

Why ?? am i disqualified ? have 4 nodes and is only on this one ?

Hi @RekOUF and welcome.

The new threshold for disqualification is 96% now, so your node may be disqualified on US1 indeed, unfortunately :frowning:

If your dashboards shows an explicit message at the top saying you’re disqualified on this satellite, then yes your node has been disqualified on this sat’. Only on this one satellite though, but I see things are not going well for “EU1” either, and all your audit scores seem to be going down so maybe something is wrong with the whole node.

You can refer to this post for checking your logs, see if you find what’s going wrong:

It may be useful for 2 main reasons:

  • First, I don’t want to give you much hope as disqualifications are usually final, but if it turns out you are not at all responsible for this DQ (software bug for instance), in rare cases the StorjLabs team may re-instate your node, at their own discretion.
  • But more importantly, if something is wrong with your setup, your network etc. it may help you fix what’s wrong so it does not affect your other nodes.

Let us know what you find in your logs, but if your audit scores are dropping, it looks like some files where corrupted or are missing on your node.

I’m not sure about the “Online 0%” on US1 though :thinking: I did have an issue with my DynDNS provider lately that prevented one satellite from reaching my node, which lead to an online score dropping, but that shouldn’t touch audit scores.

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Got some error’s

All the “file does not exist” entries mean that your node lost some files.

Finding why they might be missing isn’t straight forward, but there are things to check. From the top of my head:

  • If you did not redirect your logs to a dedicated file, I suggest copying them somewhere before losing them, for reference.
  • Stop your node while you investigate, this will temporarily prevent your audit scores from dropping more.
  • Make sure access rights are still okay and that your disk is accessible, still mounted correctly where it should be (although nodes are supposed to shut down when the the data storage folder is not reachable anymore).
  • Run a full disk check, maybe it’s facing issues.
  • Make you did not mix up identities (if it were the case, more than 1 node would be failing)

If too many files were lost though, nothing will prevent DQ eventually.

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I think it is this !
when i created the node there was something wrong but it was running for a few hours
but i deleted the files and started it again. so that are the missing files i think.
so what should i do with it ? restart with a new node id ? this is unfixable ?

This is unfixable, because you deleted customers files. So yes, this node is better to start with scratch: remove its identity, its data, generate a new identity, sign it with a new authorization token and run with a clean storage.

I’m curious, why do you wonder that it’s disqualified if you deleted customers’ files?