Why does Windows system become very slow after running Stroj program for a while?

after running Storj for 24 hours, the Windows 2016 become very slow…(VMware environment)

it take 6 minutes to open chrome browser…

then I restart the Windows system, the speed became normal.

24 hours later…slow again…

why? :sweat:

do you run GUI nodes or Doker?


Are you running Windows and storj on the same hard drive? And is it a mechanical hard drive?

antivirus? scannins data?
here is described similar problem


also if hdd or hdd raid for data are sharing same resorses for OS, then this is the problem. even if you have raid 5, then it works for writing speed like 1 hdd. Storj writing data all the time.

YES…same hard drive…

Thanks :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Additional SSD with OS will save you. I use alway SSD for OS, today there no other way, or you just wait all the time.

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Thanks for the reminder. I just added an exclusion for the Storj data folder in Windows Defender. Scanning that one for viruses seems a waste of resources.