Why i have to pay 23$ to change storj to eth?

the wallet that makes to cost too much or is on every wallet? I have MEW wallet

Im curious why would it cost 23 dollars to convert to eth? what site are you using to convert?

If you are using the built-in exchange system, there is an exchange fee tacked on to the smart contract execution cost.

You can export your private Ethereum key, and import it into Metamask… and head over to Uniswap V1 for a lower exchange fee. Check out V2 for contract execution costs and compare the overall benefit of V1 vs. V2.

As of this post, I see exchange fees of about $2.50 USD on V1 and $5.00 on V2…


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thanks for the info i will use it

I’m using the in-built swap token of mew wallet

When I sold my tokens last month I first transferred them to Kraken and there I could directly sell my STORJ for EUR and withdraw the money to my bank account. Transaction fees weren’t too bad.


There is now a Euro pegged Ethereum token called EURS


It’s possible to swap STORJ for EURS on Uniswap. I’m unsure of the overall cost for that exchange… it depends on the pathway taken through the smart contract algorithm. But, it can be done.

So, for those who don’t wish to withdraw the value from the blockchain… but want their tokens to track the Euro… it’s possible using EURS. Performing the swap doesn’t require KYC or handing over any personally identifiable information. Of course, if one wishes to place the monetary value in one’s bank account… one will need to do so through a KYC-ed exchange account.

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