Why is Bandwidth 10x more than the actual data being used

Hello Storj Community,

I uploaded a 645MB file in single part though browser, While I tried to watch the few seconds of video, my actual data consumed was 65MBs and on the Dashboard it shows 378MBs of bandwidth has been used. How is this possible. Similarly if I watch a ~500MBs of a video twice or thrice my bandwidth has gone up to 6-8 GBs. If this is how Decentralised Storage works it would be impossible to build a scalable and affordable Video streaming platform with Storj, Eventually I will be paying more than AWS itself.
Can anyone explain what I’m doing wrong here or is this is the only way how Storj Calculate it’s bandwidth

You’re not doing anything wrong. This is a little complicated, but the dashboard initially overestimates partial segment downloads, assuming the entire segment was downloaded. This is because the satellite doesn’t immediately know how much was downloaded. But you will never be billed for this total amount. The storagenodes that provided the data have signed bandwidth orders only for the bandwidth that was actually used. Storagenodes will report this back to the satellite and at that point, the satellite knows exactly how much data was used. On the dashboard this shows up as the difference between allocated and settled bandwidth. You will only ever be charged for settled bandwidth. But with streaming video use cases, the difference can be quite big. So wait until it shows up as settled bandwidth and you can see how much you’ll be charged with. This can take up to 2 days I believe, but don’t pin me down on that timeframe.