Why is only two satellites have payout?

And the online time on other satellties is 100% ,bu on the "saltlake.tardigrade.io:7777

" is not, why? I think they should all are 100% or not.
Then why is only two satellites have payout?

" is the major payout. Can someone answer my doubts?

Hi @luckins,
Hopefully I can answer your questions, they are also answered in other threads if you search.

Why is Saltlake on less than 100% Online, when the other satellites all show 100% online?

Each satellite is totally separate. All Online checks, audits, suspensions and disqualifications are recorded separately for your node. As the saltlake satellite appears to store the most data on your node it will run audit checks more frequently, which is most likely why it is the only one with less than 100% Online score. To be clear this is fine as long as the Online score stays above 60%.

Your node is paid out for the amounts due. Looking at the values shown I would expect the majority of the data stored on your node is from the saltlake and us1 satellites. If you select from the drop down list at the top of the payment information page you can see in more detail for each satellite: