Why is Stefan-Benten satellite named that way?

I am curious.
3 Storj satellites use a pretty clear name, that states the location:

  • europe-west-1
  • us-central-1
  • asia-east-1

But why did they choose that name for the stefan-benten satellite?
I know this is the name of one of the Storage Team members but why not choosing a generic name, like “europe-west-2” (since it’s in Germany and since there is already an European satellite) or something like that?
This is the satellite who pays me the most! Seeing this name makes me feel it’s not a permanent satellite and is only here for testing purposes.



The other 3 satellites are tardigrade satellites. Tardigrade satellites offer special SLAs. Stefan’s satellite is not a tardigrade satellite. We want to make that difference as clear as possible.


Thanks for your quick reply!
Who uses the Stefan-benten satellite? In my case, why does it manage so much of data, compared to other satellites?
And if it’s not a tardigrade satellite, who pays the Storage nodes for the data they host?

Pretty sure it’s storj testing and development satellite. It may also be used for other storj owned stuff like https://alpha.transfer.sh . I think it’s mostly test data for now. They’re still paying us for that though.

Here are three lies and a truth!

  • Christmas miracle!
  • We held a pageant for most popular Storjling and Stefan won
  • We chose a string of random letters and that’s what it spelled!
  • It is pronounced “europe-west-2”! English spelling is just so weird sometimes!

In all seriousness, Stefan is the cherished employee who has been driving the load and stress testing of the network. We’re in a transition period, but going forward, all Satellites listed in tardigrade.io/trusted-satellites (of which his is currently one) will be considered “Tardigrade” satellites. Of course, his is closed to user signups.

Going forward, the plan is to

  • set up a dedicated stress testing satellite (with a less surprising domain name)
  • move most of the testing data to it
  • inaugurate the satellite Stefan runs as the first community-run Satellite.

It’s still early but stay tuned for our announcement of how the community-run Satellite program will work!


You got lucky with that random character generator! That’s a 1 in 95428956661682176.

j/k you can count me as a @stefanbenten fan too. :grin: Thanks for the added info.


Thank you!
That’s pretty clear :slight_smile:

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