Why is the date range restricted at 390 days?


When using “Download report” feature the date range is limited to 390 days. I am curious to know why 390 days. I am used to seeing limits of 3 months, 6 months or year but 390 is oddly specific.


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That sounds like enough to cover a year… but in multiples of 30 days? I have no idea: but it is a weird number.


Looks like a year and a one month more.
Maybe there is some requirement from the IRS?

That’s odd to force IRS rules on everyone outside US.
390 days equals :
55.7143 weeks
12.8219 months

I would like to agree, but…

However it’s my speculation anyway. I passed your question to the team.

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You are always logical so this makes sense. I still have my doubts :slight_smile: I am excited to learn about it now.

I traced it back; the value seems to have originated with this comment: Historical Detailed Usage Report · Issue #6513 · storj/storj · GitHub

“13 months” was interpreted as 13*30 days, or 9360 hours, which results in the 390 value in the error message you saw: satellite/{console, web}: add limitations for usage report endpoint · storj/storj@14def22 · GitHub

Apparently, the intent was that it would give enough history to see full months of the previous year.


Thank you @thepaul for such a detailed reply.

I read the thread where it was mentioned and I quote “unrestricted datepicker will be too expensive of a query”. I assume its taxing on the database (resources) to produce results for an unrestricted data range for generating report.

If its still possible to generate a report then I would like to recommend giving customer that ability to download a report with unrestricted custom range but for a “fee”. Past month, year and less than 390 will still be free but there could be clients that want a custom report that doesn’t fit in past month, year or less than 390 days and are willing to pay a fee for it.

It could be done by accepting a request from customer and notifying the fee details upfront. Satellite could then generate that report and email it to client when ready.

This could be seen on websites that give you historical “activity data” like Coinbase. Although they do it for free, the fee is just an idea to generate more revenue. Storj could still offer it for free but report will be generated and emailed when ready as there are chances of failure.


This is usually easily addressed if they have a contract. If they would need to have every grain of the statistics - welcome to the chat with the team: Save 80% on your cloud storage bill.

Chat with the team feature sounds good when you have plenty of time to create reports for tax or other purposes. When you are short on time then having this feature readily available would be very vital.

At least for now, having it ready by the way of contacting support, would give Storj an idea how on much this feature would be used.

then it’s not needed, if we would use you suggestion using a support requests as a voting for the feature :slight_smile:
However, you may put the feature request either here: DCS feature requests - voting - Storj Community Forum (official) or on our GitHub: Issues · storj/storj · GitHub.
I may also move this post: Why is the date range restricted at 390 days? - #8 by nerdatwork to DCS feature requests - voting - Storj Community Forum (official).