Why is there only payment for egress bandwidth?

New node owner. Wondering why its setup this way. My bandwidth is being used for both so why is payment only made for egress? I’m contributing the same resource in both directions and my ingress is a much larger percentage.

i’m sure there is something more elaborate, but you want people to upload data and then keep it…
so free uploading and paid per TB stored pr month and then paid downloads

simply incentivizes uploads.

on top of that most older home networking technologies have less upload than download, but i think what i already stated is the deciding factor.

also keep in mind this is mostly minded for business / enterprise customers… so the pricing model isn’t the usual consumer pricings… there is usually a big difference between consumer and enterprise pricing models because of their very different use cases of storage.

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I understand that from a user perspective. But for people running nodes the costs (paying ISP provider, electricity) are static both ways and I feel compensation should reflect that. The model is that “we are the cloud” and, while distributed, people do have costs that need to be covered or this will never be sustainable.

It may be simple: Storj charges for download and not upload, to compete with other services that do the same. So Storj is not rewarding SNOs for core features they aren’t paid for either?

I get why other services do that: so customers only focus on the data-at-rest pricing - knowing that if they ever do have to restore then they’ll pay almost anything (and then download charges are no big deal).

I only run Storj with hardware and services I was paying for anyways (like an unlimited Internet plan): so any coins I make are gravy!

Hello @gcoan ,
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Because you already have payment for storage. Paying twice for the same service is not wise price model.
Thus you will be paid for used space and for egress traffic.

If there would be other way, i.e. paying for ingress and egress and not paying for storage, then if your node would be full - you will not be paid for used space. And if this is static storage (backup, for example), there would be low egress traffic and as result a low payout. Are you sure that you want this?

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Thanks! Makes sense.

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