Why more speedly don't working? You should see this one!

Hi everyone,
I’m a new miner.
I have lots of HDD capacity. Therefore I’m wanna evaluate.

My server location is Germany and generally I’m connecting with 600 mbps

I’m wanna more speedly operation.
How can I do it?
Can you give advice?
Also apologize for my English

Storj isnt mining this is real people real data, You cant predict a users usage per day, per month. You will 100% never fill your drive in a million years. Its better to run a smaller node or many nodes, But not all on the same computer with 8PB of data.


today there is only most test data and developers data, very small amount of read client data and usage, it is on beta, event not production stage, so there is only early adopters.

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Hmm I understood, thanks for your answers
I’m wanna evaluate this capacity. Can you give advice?
What can I do it?
Also can we real time chat any platform.

Sorry but your english is so bad, I don’t understand what you are trying to ask. Please just ask in German.

Unfortunately I don’t know German

Oh sorry I assumed German because you said your server is in Germany.
What languages do you speak?

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Are you know Turkish :smiley:
if you can’t understant, I can try to speak English better.
Because my native language is Turkish and I know a litte bit English. That’s all I have.
Can we real time chat any platform. (facebook, whatsapp, icq, skype, discord etc)

Oh sorry I don’t understand Turkish.

STORJ has no real time chat platform. Only this forum. But you can ask anything.

You must eliminate at least half of the SN that are currently in the network (about 7500) and then you will have PB traffic …

Nope! You didn’t understand. :slight_smile: Have you (facebook, whatsapp, icq, skype, discord etc) any account?
I 'm wanna chating with you

I do but I only communicate on this forum.

Hmm okay no problem :slight_smile:

I have lots of HDD capacity therefore I’m wanna HDD mining.
What can I do about this.
Can you give advice?
I hope, you this time understand me

Thank you :slight_smile:

You can set up a node. But this is not mining, you won’t know how much space is going to be used in the next month. You can add 2-4TB now but it can take 4 month to be full.

Have you other advice?
Can I other filecoins mining

I don’t know which coins can be mined with an HDD. I mined some BurstCoins 2 years ago. Not sure this is still worth it :confused:

You will be throwing alot of money out the window if your going to use your hard drives and that system to do hard drive mining.

You’re wrong because my server cheapest and network is limitless traffic.
I’m sure I’ll make a profit. Just I don’t know how can I mining with HDD.

Im 100% certain your not going to make profit on anything at this point your a little late to the hard drive mining party.

worth is not important for me
I’m wanna just learn how can I HDD mining