Why my online score is 66%, after a 6-hour power outage?

why my online score is 66%, after a 6-hour power outage?
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online score is calculated by the number of audits missed during downtime.
this can make it very erratic on node / satellites with very low amounts of data.

it should jump back up near 100% within the next few days or so.
the satellite with most data should be the most accurate one in displaying online score.

ok, now is 80%, thanks!

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AFAIK none of the values are realtime and all these measures are calculated at specific intervals. Also additionally what @SGC has said:

So it is sometimes a good idea to give it a little time to check if values persits or settle themselves.

that is both a yes and no kinda thing… from what i’ve seen the online score, can be close to realtime, it really comes down to how many audits the satellite is doing.
however early on a node can go for like days without getting an audit on a particular satellite, which is why it will drop so much if its offline when audited.

assuming that the particular satellite referred to on this thread, a drop of 34% assuming it was a single failed audit, would mean its avg audit would be something like once a week.

however for big nodes with satellites tracking 10 TB stored the audits will be like every minute and thus becomes near realtime…

ofc i’m sure that like you suggest there will be certain fixed intervals between the score being updated / recalculated…

my 17TB node registered like 2 minutes of downtime… which is sort of crazy if one thinks about it, and only really viable because it’s activity already required for the network to function correctly.

kinda like to think i came up with that idea, to use audits for tracking uptime…
thus far it looks to have been a pretty great solution… even if there is the erratic downside of it early on.

But who has a 10TB node? :laughing:
So maybe the outcome might be nearly realtime under certain circumstances, but it is not like that it was designed as full realtime tracking tool.

Mine has 13.43TB but it’s the early one, so already running for a while… I also have 99.x % most of the time, very rarely 100% probably because of the amount of checks.

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