Why not prioritize the traffic according to the local time of the SNO?

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The local time doesnt matter the entire point of the way storj works is decentralized data, If it was based on local time alone all data would be sent to the same location based on the time zone they live in.


I don’t mean that way.

Why? As a SNO I want traffic on my node 24/7, this is what I get paid for.


Exactly, you can’t get full traffic on your nodes, but prioritizing it may get you full speed and with some extra benefits ;like enough bandwidth for full potential traffic.

As explained in the other thread, this is an impossible idea that has no benefits but a lot of problems:

Cusomter’s data would be halfways around the earth, leading to low performance and high latency. Also you have a problem with reliability and redundancy if big parts of the network are offline 8-16 hours a day.
and some other problems…


okay thank you for your suggestion,
appreciate this.
It was just an idea that came up in my mind.
I thought like that and got a big loss when I was new in Storj.
I thought that I would have fill my quota of 8 hours per day and as a result my reputation got low.
I never thought that Stoj would be the same as server, where they are online 24/7.

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These are the prerequisites stated in https://documentation.storj.io/before-you-begin/prerequisites

Minimum uptime (online and operational) of 99.3% per month, max total downtime of 5 hours monthly

Please explain how from that, you got the impression that being online only 8 hours a day would fill that requirement?


I am sorry, my mind took it the wrong way. I never really saw the uptime anywhere in the official page and saw 6 hours of maximum downtime in a month when I was visiting Storj page for the first time more than 8 months ago. I didn’t even notice that there was a word “month” in there.
My mind made a perception that I have to be cumpolsarily online for 6 hours a day.
And that’s it. And my journey begins like that in Storj.

What is Neighbourhood meant in Storj Dashboard?
I saw it previosly when I was a fresher on Storj using it from Ubuntu Server LTS.
Is it the clients or the other SNO?

you are referring to kademlia and it since been removed from code. even then it was not referring to physical proximity but more nodeid pattern proximity