Why page showed Malformed request. Please try again?

This is my fastly custom domain: https://fasting.stripchatgirl.com/
And it host to the storj gateway: https://live.gateway.ap1.storjshare.io/

And I have configured VCL snippet to reference this page:
https: //docs. storj. io/dcs/how-tos/fastly-integration

Everything was done, but the access failed. There was no more prompt for me.

Hello @stripchatmm,
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The gateway endpoint is better to use https://gateway.storjshare.io instead of regional, this way your customers will have an access from nearest gateway instance to their location.

if you used Fastly and their VCL snippet, then you should provide values for variables:

set var.accessKey = "YOUR_ACCESS_KEY";   # Change this value to your own data
set var.secretKey = "YOUR_SECRET_KEY";   # Change this value to your own data
set var.storjBucket = "live";   # Change this value to your own data
set var.storjGateway = "https://gateway.storjshare.io";

If you used an uplink and linksharing to host your static web site, then “Malformed request” usually mean that your domain on DNS provider is missing TXT records.
So your DNS should have:

$ORIGIN stripchatgirl.com.
$TTL    3600
fasting        	IN	CNAME	link.storjshare.io.
txt-fasting 	IN	TXT  	storj-root:<bucket>/<prefix>
txt-fasting 	IN	TXT  	storj-access:<access key>
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Hi Alexey, thank you for your reply.
But it still doesn’t work, please see my screenshot configuration.

host cofig

https://fasting.stripchatgirl.com/ Now can work, but can’t find key file.

link: https://fasting.stripchatgirl.com/host.png

The specified key does not exist.

It looks as though your access.key and secret.key might be incorrect under the VCL configuration.

This error mean that it cannot access the file you have specified (it cannot find it).
In this case you probably did not specify the bucket live in the configuration or provided an Access Key and Secret Key doesn’t have an access to these files (the encryption phrase doesn’t match the phrase used during upload or permission issue).
You can check the permission issue and correctness of the used encryption phrase, if you configure AWS CLI with these credentials and try to list a bucket.