Why two transactions per node per month?

It seems that I get two transactions per node per month from the same source address. One is a large amount, and one is a small amount. Can someone explain why?

The first 4 payments with 2 days and 15 hours are from 4 satellites for ALL of your nodes. Its not node 1 and node 2. Same goes for rest of the payments.

Oh, that makes sense. All satellites use the same address because they are all run by Storjlabs I assume.

You are getting one payout per satellite per month. So if you have 2 nodes, the total of the 2 nodes’ payouts for a satellite will be sent in a single transaction. Example:

  1. you run 1 node and it is active on all 4 satellites -> you will get 4 payout transactions.
  2. you run 2 nodes and they are both active on all 4 satellites -> you will get 4 payout transactions
  3. you run 4 nodes and one is active on all 4 satellites, another on 3 and the other 2 for some reason are disqualified on 2 satellites already -> you still will get 4 payouts for that month.

Regarding the “source” address, I invite you to actually look at each transactions in detail (click on the TXID at the left hand column in the overview in your screenshot) and look at the line right below the Timestamp, with label “From:”. this will be different for each satellite. Our payout script uses smart contracts that let you identify the satellite the payout is for by the sending party of the transaction shown on this line. Further down you will see a line labeled “Tokens Transferred:” This shows that the STORJ tokens for each TX are taken from the same address for all satellites (what you called “source” address) to be sent to the payout address of each SNO.