Why Ubuntu and Windows have diferent version of dashboard?

Hi, on Windows Gui i have 1.9.5. and ubuntu i have 1.6.4, I have updated ubuntu manually and nothing changed. Where i can get the number of lastest version?

1.9.5 have just relesed, and docker version will relize about 7-10 days from Win GUI relise

They need to slowly roll out new releases to all new nodes, so they don’t kill the whole network in case of a bug in the software. They update windows nodes first because those use their custom installer where they have better control over updates. When it seems stable there, they’ll push the update to docker hub.

so 1.6.4 version in ubuntu is ok?

it is for now.

in 7 to 10 days from now there will be a docker image of 1.9.5 available.

Do you run watchtower?