Why Windows Storj GUI dont ask for auth token

When I am using windows GUI storj it is not asking me any auth token or such it just start mining with payout address. What’s the hack behind that, and what if I attach multiple hard drives as multiple nodes in that GUI platform will they all will pay me. That’s basically using 1 IP address for multiple drives.

Its kind of a question that where I have to add my auth token in the GUI windows platform.

There is no Windows GUI for V3 yet. I think you may have downloaded an exe from the repo which is not yet fully implemented. Can you elaborate a bit more on what you have done so far ? Did you follow the documentation linked to setup your V3 node ?

Sounds more like the v2 GUI. There is no use to spinning up v2 nodes anymore, you’re never going to get any data. Only v3 nodes through docker are supported for now.

I have downloaded the exe from here with release v7.3.4.

Is this a V2 node since I have not installed docker in windows.

Yes, that’s for V2. It’s of no use for new nodes.

OK then I need to use the terminal identity way to add my drives in network.
one more question
In my linux system my node is allmost full 3.8/4TB. Can I add another drive with same auth token and same machine with same IP address. Is there is any issue with that or I need to setup a new auth token with new machine with new IP address.

if that’s possible then please help me out with few steps, how to do that.

You can do it on the same system behind the same IP, but you will need to run a separate container with its own identity signed with a new token. The setup process is mostly the same, but for the identity name and container name you would pick something other than storagenode (ex. storagenode2). You will also have to use a different port. Say 28968. In the run command you would change the -p parameter to -p 28968:28967 and the ADDRESS to yourdomain.ddns.tld:28968. Note that the second port in the -p argument is still 28967 as that is still used internally inside the container.

Ok Thanks one last question :sweat_smile:

  • While starting the docker container we enter values like “4TB” or “8TB” in disk space. Are these values are in Binary or Decimal because they differ the size of 96GB in case of a 4TB hard drive
    • Binary 4TB = 4096 GB
    • Decimal 4TB = 4000 GB
  • Since in documentation, it is not mentioned and I am using the root volume for storage, therefore, I need to reserve space for my overhead 10% for Operating system functioning.
  • And one more thing How much minimum RAM and CPU I needed to run this efficiently.
  • Currently, I am using 2VCPU and 6.5GB RAM but I think it doesn’t need that much RAM or CPU, Which combination of hardware I should prefer.
    Thanks for Answering all my doubts.

You can use TB for decimal or TiB for binary. But leave about 10% of space free regardless, nodes don’t like it when the disk gets entirely full and there is some overhead.
There are no set minimums but I would recommend 2GB of RAM per node and for CPU it really depends. It doesn’t need that much though so 2VCPU on most hardware should be fine. I would say at least one core per node on a fairly modern CPU.

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Is there a place where I can find requirements for CPU and memory where they are documented. In docker command for setup there are no instructions for how much to set for these resources. It would be great if it is documented somewhere.



No memory requirements are mentioned in the link. Am i missing it?

No official numbers were ever given for that. Reason being that exact specs were still being gauged while software updates are also still rolling out that can impact it. But from what we’ve seen so far 1GB works, but is a little tight. 2GB and up seems to be fine.