Will anything happen if I block all connections from IPs from Russia?

As in the title.
I want to do this on a router and I’m wondering if it could be a problem with the node.

When you block IPs, they won’t be able to store or retrieve data on the node. This wouldn’t affect traffic that goes through gateways (because it would be outside the blocked IP-s).

Of course, blocking satellite IP-s, workers or gateways can lead to a disqualification.


Why would you want to do that?

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Don’t bother doing so. Russian goverment will soon block them for you.

Do you have any specific source for that statement?

There are some projects on the way. Not so serious like great chineese firewall, they dont have enough money for that. But for a few days there are some problems with vpn protocols.

I think that is related to gaining access to restricted information via VPN, like access to torrent trackers and so on - such VPNs get blocked, and that’s about it. I don’t think that it will affect access to storj in any way (storj is not considered as something that needed to be blocked and accessed via VPN), and I hope it will not have effect in future. Many people are running nodes in Russia and there are some customers too, and it would be bad to lose them.

Russia has started banning commercial vpn operators some time ago. They started with those who would not provide back doors to govt. I have my own vps setup as a vpn server and that has worked perfectly fine (so far).
Availability of hardware is progressively becoming an issue here. It’s not an issue of funding just yet - but how to get the hardware into the country on a regular basis in sufficient quantities. Taiwan recently enacted a ban on CPU’s over 25Mhz.


The shortage of parts is definitely impacting here. My wife’s Samsung phone died last week and the local agent was unable to honor the warranty. Even though we offered to pay for the repair they were unable to do anything.


We will become Iran or North Korea sooner than we think.