Will it be possible to allow my app to call your API? (user creation/project/payment info)

I’ve asked this long time ago already, maybe the time is now better for a positive response: will there ever be a way to create a user, a project and an API-key and maybe add CC-/payment-info via an API-call? I’m still developing a dAPP that uses storj/tardigrade for it’s data store. Currently I would ask my users to provide tardigrade-credentials and they have to create an account by themselves. I would love to not be involved in that, so the user is fully responsible for paying his own bills and keeping all info by himself. So it would be necessary that my app calls your APIs to create the necessary information on a satellite.

For you it should be irrelevant if a user registered via your (beautiful) Web-page or via an API-call. This would help onboarding for my users and would keep them in full control of their data.

Currently, you should ask your users to provide an Access Grant, which they can create for themselves through the Tardigrade Uplink client. In terms of our roadmap, we are prioritizing improving the Access Grant creation experience before we contemplate an API to manage user accounts.

One challenge with user account creation is 2FA, automatic abuse, and so on. We may in the future have APIs for project management and API key management, but we may never have an API for user account creation. Again, if we do get to those APIs, it will be after we have solidified the user experience around creating and managing access grants.

I recommend you focus on having your app request an access grant from a user.


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