Will $STORJ eventually have a Coinbase listing?

Will $STORJ eventually have a Coinbase listing?

We believe that the STORJ token is one of the best examples of a true utility token and we take governance, compliance, and transparency very seriously as is hopefully evident from all of the measures we put in place from the quarterly token report to the various controls and policies we’ve implemented over the years.

We don’t control the listing process for any exchange, but we do encourage the exchanges that also value good governance, strong compliance, and transparency (like Coinbase) to evaluate our token, platform and company to determine if our token is a fit for their exchange.

As mentioned above, liquidity for the token on exchanges is an important part of the health of the ecosystem and we are fortunate to be listed on a growing list of reputable exchanges, over 15 at latest count, including a handful who will convert directly to fiat currency

Of course one thing the community can do is message any additional exchanges that the community members would like to use and that they think would increase the utility of the token.


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