Will Storj make becoming a "Node Operator" available to non-developers?

Is it a goal of STORJ to make becoming a ‘Node Operator’ available to people who have little or no programming knowledge? If so, within what time frame can this be expected and will it be as easy as connecting a WiFi modem, for example? Is it expected that this will be necessary to reach growth targets?

It is a goal that we can let anyone with reliable internet connectivity and power to become a Storage Node Operator, of any experience level. As long as the Storage Node can be run reliably, technical experience should not be a blocker.

That said, we are grateful to our savvy early adopters who have adopted us even while we still have significant friction. We have a number of plans for potentially next year to simplify the Storage Node setup process (including NAT traversal to remove the need for setting up port forwarding), but features like that are lower priority than some more pressing features.

We don’t expect this is necessary to reach medium term growth targets. We have largely discovered existing SNOs and SNOs waiting in the wings are eager to provide more space once demand is higher.


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