Will storj, the company, ever be publicly traded?

Hi everybody!

Sorry, I was not sure what category to put this in… I would have asked this before town hall, but I didn’t think of it… I was just wondering if storj will ever be publicly traded. If so, when? Also what happens to the network if the storj ever gets bought out? I don’t know of this has ever been discussed before, I could not find a similar topic… Thanks!


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Hello Enzo, it’s publicly traded via the token on the Ethereum blockchain. ICO vs IPO

You are able to purchase the Storj token (STORJ) , which in this case it’s basically a stock minus ownership in the company.
If you are a Storj node operator (SNO) you are paid in token which you have two options.

  1. Keep it for a short to long term investment
  2. Cash it out

@aeonaura before that token sale (not ICO), there were other funds raises. I guess @Enzo supported the crowd fund trough Bank to the future.

I don’t think there’s any exit strategy at the moment for shareholders. But with an incredible product now bering launched, I guess the company valuation will be worth the wait.

Now what is still unclear to me is how were the two rounds on bnkttft were diluted by the token sale. If a valuation is given to StorjLabs (by acquisition for instance), in what proportion would pre-series-A benefit from?


Ok thanks @aeonaura and @H3z!

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this question is outside my wheelhouse, but I’ll see if I can find someone suitable to weigh in :slight_smile:


Ok @jocelyn, thanks so much!

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