Will there be a Truenas scale app install?


Running my node for this year and it’s doing okay. Now I’m wondering if there will be a truenas scale app install available in the near future, like for qnap? It enabled me and other truenas users to utilize their storage.

The apps are powered by Truecharts:

TrueCharts is a catalog of highly optimised TrueNAS SCALE Apps. Made for the community, By the community!

Our primary goals are: - Micro-Service Centered - Native Kubernetes - Stability - Consistency

All our apps are supposed to work together, be easy to setup using the TrueNAS UI and, above all, give the average user more than enough options to tune things to their liking.

Would be great if there will be more ready to run apps. Less room for errors in my opinion.

We recently had a fireside chat question about a possible Synology app. Storj isn’t a giant company, there are limited resources and a lot of requests for many different things. Not everything can be done with the resources we have. The focus right now is to build out the network and provide the features that customers want, so that they adopt Storj as their cloud storage provider.

At some point we may look into bounties that enable third parties to produce smaller apps like this.


Never remembered marking as the solution. But the truecharts community finds storj interesting so they might implement it. Since the documentation on storj’s end is on point, it might be easier