Win GUI Storj Node Toolbox

Oh okay - does the nodes not update on its own?

no only first one, because it is hardcoded to updater some staff.

I introduse new version, that can forget and clean all your windows GUI nodes with 1 click.
Release 1.9 · TonyTosol/Storj-Node-Toolbox (


what do you mean by clean? As in if I want to delete a node and any of its data?

no it delete data from US2 and EU-north satellites, that left there after decomisioning.

Implementation of:

Oh okay sweet - I’ll give that a try since I was hesitant to do it myself with commands :sweat_smile:

I’m getting the following 3 CMD (1 for each node?) invalid path

interesting, my 91 nodes worked charming.
looks like i know the problem, it try to run exe at standard instalation location but you dont have it for some reason

please try this one, changed how it get path to exe
Release 1.9.1 · TonyTosol/Storj-Node-Toolbox (


That fixed it, thanks a bunch! Freed up a fair bit of space for me as well!!




Why secondary node depends from installing First node. May be to make more universal, to use in parameters dir to exe? Also to use pattern for config?, just to change individual parametrs for New node LikE ports etc. for exe possibility to change directory

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Because you need toolbox, only if you need more than 1 node, and at this time first node is already installed. This will limit config possibilities, for example I use different external ip in one server, so i need it to be configurable. same with lot of other options.

Id love to use toolbox for moving my first crappy node with usb disk to my powerfull pc.
Unfortunately, i have the install path of the first node on the powerfull pc changed to another drive,
and no chance to even start the toolbox.
So it stays as it is at the moment. Also moving into a new home is in the near future.

I will back to it when i release first betta of my other project

I meen if i add secondary node dir’s name is Storj1, etc, i’d like to use patterns for first node (for example storj001) and other + 1…, parameter to its location , independending from installing first node (you need just storagenode.exe to make new nodes) by parameter dir to exe. Also to add parameter for new nodes dir to pattern config.yaml (where to change parameters like ips, ports, dir to log f nd other strong parameters for new nodes?)

Added possibility to install from scratch it download it from github latest version. Please try it, I dont have any free hardware now to make full install but it should work.
version 1.9.2

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Hi Vadim,
Can you make your Toolbox node config.yaml file similar to official storagenode config.yaml, So many parameters are missing to edit. And have to manually copy from official node everytime. Thanks!

You may see them all using this command:

"C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\storagenode.exe" setup --help
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For the people looking for help using the amazing toolbox: