Win GUI Storj Node Toolbox


I merged my different projects together to toolbox.

Node Stats, Audits on base of dashboard Api infotmation.
Log analyzing.
Node Start/Stop
Node log Arhiving
Monitorting to Discord.


I’d love Discord monitoring as a Windows service, so it can run when I am logged off.

Do you have any plans on that?

dont have enouth knolege about windows service.

You can push alerts to Discord with Grafana on this one. It’s how I run mine.

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Could you post some screenshots? Sounds great!

I’ve seen lots of interesting grafana screenshots here on the forums, but i have no experience with this software. Is the whole thing easy to set up? Would appreciate some guidance

how grafana push notifications to discord is there somewhere external server or node itself is bot?

You should check out this post @KernelPanick put together. There is a link to his github repo with the configs he used for his (excellent) grafana setup. The thread itself has lots of useful posts as well. At the very least it should get you started.

(edit: I see now that the thread was already linked above :man_facepalming:)

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yeah I was just kinda lazy and wanted more confirmation :wink:

thanks tho, will check it out once i get to it.

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Grafana uses an API from Discord to push to your own Discord alert bot.

I’d say it’s moderate to tough to set up currently. I have it on my list to create a much easier setup. Coming soon.

I’m interested in screenshots from OP.

Update of my Toolbox

Fixed some bugs.
Added function, if you have more than 1 GUI Node on Windows, you can update all other nodes from first node with some click.

In windows 10 pro, the program finishes itself after a few seconds …

Look: screencast

ok thanks, i try to find out the problem. Did you tried it first time?
Try to run as administrator.

Tried to fix closing problem, but on my pc working fine, can you try @peem

Now it works, it doesn’t close … but it calculates strangely …

BTW - “Archive Logs” button, not “Arhive Logs”

Ok thanks, I added Total Audits, and forgot to add column to total calculations.

It seems that the TaskScheduler project isn’t linked to the solution correctly. It’s trying to pull it from the D: folder.

I just tried out the new Toolbox on my new node (but I know your older Audit tool) and it keeps just closing the window after about 10 seconds, no matter if I interact with the program or not.

Win10 Pro x64

download last relese, again, i fixed it yesterday.