Windows Docker Node High Ram Usage

I have a node running on a Windows 10 PC with 16GB of ram. The node is running within docker and within about 3-5 days of starting the node it uses up all the ram on the box. This box isn’t used for anything but STORJ. Does anyone else have this issue? Anyone have any suggestions to correct the problem? I can add any more details or logs if they are useful in fixing this problem.

I never ran a node on Windows but I know on my Linux it uses an insane amount of RAM but in fact it’s just buffer/cache. So it’s freed whenever another process needs it.

Maybe you could see a more detailed usage of the RAM in the Windows’ Resource monitor ?

So far all cases (if I recall correctly) of a node consuming large amounts of RAM (let say, more than a gigabyte) were due to storage medium being too slow to keep up with uploads and downloads. What is your storage medium?

I am using a 8TB Seagate Compute HDD. st8000dm004 . Once you mentioned that I did notice that my resource monitor shows the drive is almost always at 100% usage but yet it is using less than 1MB/s read and write. How does that make sense? I did verify that hwinfo shows it is on a sata3 6Gb/s connection.

This is a SMR drive…
See PSA: Beware of HDD manufacturers submarining SMR technology in HDD's without any public mention