Windows does not detect my WD HDD

Hello, I am here because I need your help. I have a 4 TB WD hard drive. When connecting the HDD to the pc it turns on and appears below in windows sub devices.
crystal disk also recognizes it but does not put the space it has.
And the biggest problem of all is that in the file explorer and in the disk manager it is not recognized.

I hope you know how to fix it because it is not mine and it cost a lot.

Check also SATA cable and port, I had problems with HDD and in the end of all it was problem with SATA port.

your disk eject image shows that it’s a WD Passport drive, which is a USB 2.5" HDD.

Similar to other commenters: make sure that the USB cable is USB 3.0 and the port your connecting to is USB 3.0.

when you plug it into the computer, does the indicator light on the passport illuminate and stay on?
Can you hear the drive spin up?
Do you get an error message when the drive is connected?
A no to either of these could indicate an issue with power delivery or damage to the drive.
Is this drive brand new? or is it used? has it been used on a windows system before?

I know some WD passport drives are specifically marketed (formatted) for use with Mac OS, and therefore would have to be completely wiped and reformatted to be used with a windows system. So what’s the model number found on the bottom of the drive case?

here’s an example of the two on amazon:

here’s a screen shot from one of my computers with a WD passport connected:
as you’ve stated/demonstrated is your computer isn’t fully registering the drive since it’s not mounting it to a letter path.

And just to address the comment about this being an “expensive” drive. I guess that term is relative, but in my opinion, these are pretty inexpensive when it comes to HDDs these days. Also, you’ve stated that it’s “not yours”. So if in the end it is a mac-formatted version, then I’d ask the owner if they can live with the drive being reformatted to work with windows systems.

It’s not new, I used it a few months ago and it run perfect, but today i plugged in and u saw what a wrote.
Yes it’s a laptop but how i said I used it before and all was ok.
I tried to rescan multiple times and nothing.
This is what are in device manager.



no, BUT when i try to eject it i have this error.
If u dont understand it says the drive is in use

It’s used, and yes, I used with windows.


When I said expensive is beacuse “I broke it” and it’s not mine. If the drive were mine I’ll buy other one

could you try right clicking on the passport device and delete the driver, and then plug it back into the machine and have it reinstall the driver to see if that helps.

Full empty and error because windows cant find anything

Doesn’t work________________

I would recommend to try to use a different USB port AND different USB cable.

Can you see something in the elevated PowerShell?


Only internal drive

Then please try also

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Yes, it work’s. Now what.

What this command returns?


And what is info can be get with diskpart as an Administrator

list disk
list volume

Seems this disk is a part of the storage pool (Windows Storage Spaces).
But “AllocatedSize” is only “256 MB”, that’s mean that there is no data.

Do you want to make this disk available to Windows as a new fresh basic disk? Or do you want to use it as a storage pool?
If as a storage pool, then open an applet “Manage Storage Spaces” (Administrar espacios de almacenamiento) and create a simple volume without redundancy with the “Create a storage space” button.
if you want to use it as a basic disk, then remove the storage pool “Grupo de almacenamiento” and the disk will become available in the “Disk management” applet, where you can create a usual GPT volume.

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Can I ask how? And this is to make a normal external HDD?

As described above - open “Storage Spaces” applet, click on “Change settings” button, and click on “Delete pool” command.
Then use a “Disk Management” applet to create a usual basic GPT volume.

That was very easy LOL. Thank you dude.

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