Windows GUI installation error

Hi all, I have a problem installing Windows GUI, just like someone else had but not resolved. Please have a look at the screenshot.

Also, I cannot open port 28967, I followed the correct procedure but no success. No idea what happend but another port on the same computer can be opened successfully. How can I use another port in Windows GUI?

Thank you in advance.

you need to make NAT setting on router.
and open inbound port on windows firewall.

forgot some part of this?

also you have dynamic or statip external ip?

What is your windows version. Occasionally I get this message on different programs when I run it on an outdated Windows version.

also what external port you setuped?

Please, show 20 last lines from the log:

Hi all,
My Windows version is 1909.
I opened internal and external port on my router as in: 28967-28967 ex: 28967-28967. I also open port in Windows Firewall correctly. NAT was already enabled. I also tried to open the port to another computer but no success but a diferrent port works flawlessly.
I can’t find any logs because it wasn’t installed. I use NoIP.
Are there any ways to use a different port other than 28967?

Please, give me result of this command (PowerShell):

Get-Content "$env:ProgramFiles/Storj/Storage Node/storagenode.log" -Tail 20

You can change the port, but we will do it later if it would be still needed. But now we should fix the installation issue.
Please, make sure that the firewall is enabled - the Windows storagenode cannot start if firewall is disabled.