Windows GUI remote Dashboard


does anyone know what i have to change in my GUI nodes config.yaml so that the Dashboard is accessible on other devices in the local network? And maybe change the port to 14003 as I have a second node running using the 14002 port.

Thanks in advance.

you to change console.address: to be like this, ip is your local network pc ip where is your node

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Hi! When you said to change console.address:, where can I change this?? Because I have the same problem, I can get in dashboard from other computer in the same net.

You can change this in the config.yaml file. This should be located in your Storj Installation Folder (normally C:/ProgramFiles/Storj).
To edit this file however you need notepad++ as a text editor.

You need to change config.yaml in program files\storj\storagenode

nice! I got it. will the service need to be reinitialized to take efect??

Yes, you need to restart it

It doesn’t work yet… maybe I have to delete the # symbol at the beginning??

Defenetly need to delete it

This way the Storage Node Dashboard shortcut from init doesn’t work, I have to write the ip:port in explorer. But the problem is tha I can not access from other pc in the same net yet… I am doing something in the wrong way…

Open port in windows firewall

Yes!! Finally I got it! Thank you very much. A lot of things to mind…

Your welcom, on your 20-th node it will be esie.

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