Windows gui storage node no longer starting

I have been running a storagenode under windows 10 gui for the last week or so. I had to do a windows update and when it came back up, storagenode refuses to start. I go into the services and manually try to start it, but it never starts. I looked at the storagenode.log file and it just has these entries:

2020-03-29T13:15:57.103-0500 INFO Operator email: xxx
2020-03-29T13:15:57.103-0500 INFO operator wallet: xxx
2020-03-29T13:15:57.615-0500 INFO version running on version v0.35.3

I inserted xxx instead of the real items. No errors. How do I troubleshoot from here?

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is your drive available?

It appears as though I have a corrupt table. I was sent directions to try to resolve. I will try that when I get home later.