Windows GUI toolbox - move existing node 2 to PC with existing node 1

I want to consolidate 2 exiting running nodes on different PCs on to one PC using the Windows Gui tool box. How to do that?

My understanding is to:

  1. Install Tool box on the target PC
  2. Run tool box to find existing node 1 on target PC as main node (drive E:)
  3. Install node 2 HDD onto target PC (drive D:)
  4. Run toolbox to find node 2 using the following -
    Increment console address for node 2 to
    Increment external contact address for node 2 to XXXX+1
    Increment server address for node 2 to 28968
    Increment server private address for node 2 to
  5. Update node 2 port forwarding rule in the router to new external contact address for node 2
  6. Add new firewall TCP and UDP rule for node 2

Does this look correct? Anything missing?

Thanks for your help.

not exactly.
you need to install second node with toolbox to first pc, with whished parameters and identity, then change paths to added hdd, data paths and DB paths in config file.
after install do not let it work, turn off imidietly.
when you will install node do not use existing noda paths, it will give you errors.
for identity path i sugest C:\identity1 or HDD it self with data, never use standard identity location as you can exidently rewrite first identety or mix them up, then booth nodes will die
you have to check twice on every step, 1 error will kill your node or nodes.
firewall rules.

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I would suggest to keep the identity altogether with its data on the same disk to do not confuse them.

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Is it better to update the node 2 config file to the new addresses before moving to the target PC? That way I can run the node and test the changes before moving it. Once node 2 is moved will the toolbox not give errors when node 2 is added to the toolbox since the config file will have the correct new addresses? And it is no longer necessary to turn off node 2 immediately after install?

I remember this recommendation from some time ago and already do that for all my nodes.

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If you are going to install two nodes on two different PCs you do not need the toolbox.

I recommend that you install each node with the windows gui on each pc.

On each PC use a different port.

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I already have the two nodes on two different PCs. I want to eliminate the cost of one PC by moving that node to the other PC.