Windows GUIInstallation error

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storagenode.msi Installation error
I’m sorry to bother you. I don’t know if there is a problem with my installation steps or other problems.

can you write what version this installer has? 1.14.7?

I get exactly the same error.
Revision number {E43D9F43-7B49-4EBB-9727-65CD3606E8F5}
Downloaded it yesterday.

here is a section of the log generated by the installer

Action 21:19:08: StorjWelcomeDlg.
Action start 21:19:08: StorjWelcomeDlg.
DEBUG: Error 2826: Control LearnMoreLink on dialog StorjWelcomeDlg extends beyond the boundaries of the dialog to the right by 113 pixels
The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2826. The arguments are: StorjWelcomeDlg, LearnMoreLink, to the right
Action 21:19:08: StorjWelcomeDlg. Dialog created
Info 2898.For WixUI_Font_Title textstyle, the system created a ‘Tahoma’ font, in 0 character set, of 14 pixels height.
Action 21:19:09: LicenseAgreementDlg. Dialog created
Action 21:19:12: InstallDirConfigDlg. Dialog created
Action 21:19:13: WixUIValidatePath.

Please, give 20 last lines from the log: How do I check my logs? - Node Operator

Here are the last 30 lines.

Property(C): MsiNetAssemblySupport = 4.7.3190.0
Property(C): MsiWin32AssemblySupport = 6.3.17763.1
Property(C): RedirectedDllSupport = 2
Property(C): AdminUser = 1
Property(C): Privileged = 1
Property(C): USERNAME = Windows User
Property(C): DATABASE = C:\Users\hvanzyll\Downloads\storagenode_windows_amd64.msi\storagenode.msi
Property(C): OriginalDatabase = C:\Users\hvanzyll\Downloads\storagenode_windows_amd64.msi\storagenode.msi
Property(C): SOURCEDIR = C:\Users\hvanzyll\Downloads\storagenode_windows_amd64.msi
Property(C): VersionHandler = 5.00
Property(C): UILevel = 5
Property(C): ROOTDRIVE = E:
Property(C): CostingComplete = 1
Property(C): OutOfDiskSpace = 0
Property(C): OutOfNoRbDiskSpace = 0
Property(C): PrimaryVolumeSpaceAvailable = 0
Property(C): PrimaryVolumeSpaceRequired = 0
Property(C): PrimaryVolumeSpaceRemaining = 0
Property(C): INSTALLLEVEL = 1
Property(C): ErrorMsg = 1
=== Logging stopped: 4/23/2021 21:20:33 ===
MSI (c) (A8:34) [21:20:33:593]: Product: Storj V3 Storage Node – Installation failed.

MSI (c) (A8:34) [21:20:33:595]: Windows Installer installed the product. Product Name: Storj V3 Storage Node. Product Version: Product Language: 1033. Manufacturer: Storj Labs Inc… Installation success or error status: 1603.

Please, use the link to the documentation to take logs from storagenode.

INFO Configuration loaded {“Location”: “C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\config.yaml”}
FATAL Unrecoverable error {“error”: “storagenode configuration already exists (C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node)”}

I renamed the config.yaml to config.yaml.bak and the installation worked…
odd that the installer won’t rename the file, or give better output as to what the issue is…
perhaps something that should get fixed?

This is done for a reason. If you have a config in the installation directory you likely have had setup and if you reinstall now, you can destroy the existing node.
So, it’s precaution of damage and losing held amount because of simple mistake.

However, when you actually want to reinstall the node, you should know what are you doing. In this case you will remove the config file and reinstall freely.

This was actually my first install,
I haven’t had STORJ running on my system in years…

Then there should not be any config.yaml. So you have had it setup at least once before.

In your defence … you are correct…
I did try to install it in the past, but got an error,
then went through and re-did the steps needed…
and then i got this error…