Windows IoT core

Hi all, Just ordered a raspberry pi 4 to try and get a storage node up and running and the boot SD card comes preloaded with a few options for the OS. It apparently includes Windows IoT core- from what I garnered it seems like I could use the windows documentation for Windows IoT as well… is this a reasonable option to get the node up and running fairly easily? Or should I stick with the Raspbian OS? Pretty clueless here so forgive my ignorance.

Thank you! I’ll stick with that.

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If you’re interested, I wrote a public readme explaining a way to setup nodes on an RPi 4B you can check out, it might contain one or two useful tips. However I wouldn’t recommand using the utility script that comes with it, it’s a home cooked SH thingy I wrote to help me manage my nodes, but I can’t guaranty it works well! Use it at your own risks if you do. But having a look at the readme file can’t hurt.

Thanks for the guide, that’s extremely helpful.

You mention there I should format my drive before mounting it to the RPi, am I able to do that on another computer? Format it to the ext4 file system on another machine before hooking it up that is?

Thanks again!

The drive could be formatted anywhere in fact. I wrote that it should be formatted to Ext4 because it’s the recommended format for Linux systems, for optimal performances.

That can be done on another computer, or on the RPi itself.

Aaah I get why you ask that, I wrote “Before attaching your disk statically to the system”, what I meant by “before attaching it statically”, is that the drive should be formatted to Ext4 before you can configure fstab that would make the drive statically “attached” to the system. Maybe my wording is not great… Non-anglophone here, my bad ^^’ How would you phrase it?

Okay great, makes sense. I’m not sure how I could phrase it better since it’s more technical than I’m used to. The word “mount” comes to mind as in “format the drive before mounting it” but I’m not sure if that’s technically correct, haha.