Windows Network Drive

Is there a way to add STORJ storage as a network drive in Windows File Explorer? I use Windows 10 21H2.

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Yes, you need to configure rclone CLI and use rclone mount command.

You can also use RaiDrive.

Can you give me a step-tutorial? I don’t know how it works.

I provided links to these tutorials a one message above

If you stuck somewhere - please ask.

Sorry to disturb, but I don’t understand. Do I go for Native or Hosted one?

Any of the configuration, which is suitable for your internet connection.
If you have a low upstream bandwidth (less than 20 Mbit/s), then it’s better to use a Storj-hosted GatewayMT integration. If you have bandwidth more than 1Gbit/s, then the native integration would likely be faster than with a GatewayMT.
And please also take into consideration the difference between the client-side encryption in case of native integration and server-side encryption in case of GatewayMT.