Windows node offline after power failure

Last night a local transformer decided to explode. Computer was down for several hours. Port is open. I can hear the drive and watch the led on it being active. Windows GUI. Read a similar post where it said the node eventually came online without him doing anything. Last contact says LAST CONTACT 17701450h 53m ago. Should I just wait?

Check your router settings, firewall, paths to identity and storage folder, check if identity folder still shows 6 files, check port is still forward or not.

also check if the DDNS client is working

Don’t know what else to check on the router except for port forwarding- and that seems to be fine. Checking port online it says that the port is open. After rebooting all folders and drives appear to be in the same location that they were previously- and the fact that I hear the drive being active makes me suspect that everything is okay there. Cannot find my identity folder - but that could be me. How would I check if the DDNS client it working?

are you using do you have a permanent external IP address?

Don’t have a permanent IP address. Using No IP.

and somewhere you have to “say” that you now have this IP address

Not a computer professional. One of my brothers used to be- he set me up with No IP long ago. Isn’t the fact that my port is open enough, or am I wrong?

“Remote Address” field…

That says my port is open

“5) Select the folder your Identity is stored in. When you generate your Storage Node Identity, the identity tool will show you what folder it was saved in.”

"8) Enter your external IP address and port (:). "

Peem. I did this so long ago using the Windows GUI install that I don’t remember where I set that folder. I do have a folder on one of my data drives that says storage node identity ( four files) (03/24/19) ;unsure if it is a backup or where I set the identity. If it is my identity why is Storj not using it. I’m confused at this point.

after authorization there should be six files, the instruction I reminded you is the default path to the folder with the identity …

Peem. I may have not used the default path though. I may have saved it on a data drive that I backup. I have nothing in that location. I just talked with my brother via Skype and he found out that my IP address was not updated via No IP. We set up my router to do it automatically and he seems to think it might take awhile for Storj to make the connections. At any rate I need to leave and get some things accomplished. I’ll check back in tonight and see if it has connected.

I understood that you claimed the port was open …

Peem. I can’t explain it- I don’t know the answer. Using that website like I normally do it did say the port was open; so I thought everything was okay. Just looked and I’m back online.

It can turn off the router for 10 minutes (as if there was no electricity), turn on and see if everything works again ok

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