Windows: Service not auto-starting after reboot

Before additional troubleshooting - my windows server storage node services did not auto-start after a server reboot resulting in a 4 days downtime (on vacation and have limited access)

The services are set to be started at startup (as expected) but did not (after 4 days)

How is your storage connected?
What errors in the log?

How u mean connected? And what logs? If service not started = no logs??

Is you storage a network connected drive?

Please, start the service and give me result of the command (Powershell):

cat "$env:ProgramFiles\Storj\Storage Node\storagenode.log" -tail 20

To start the service you can click on Start button in the Services applet, or execute command from the elevated Powershell:

Start-Service storagenode

My node has DAS storage, after the reboot my drive is available. The last 20 lines won’t show anything as obviously my node has started. Does the service log to the event log in case of failure??

You can search in log is there problem on date of the reboot. You can use the powershell command sls to search on exact date.
About services failures the Windows log information to the system events log. You can search for the errors there too.

no issues in the Storagenode logs. I only found two Event log entries, one for edgeupdate and one for edgeupdatem. They are complained that the service was not started (true) - but no other info.

Please, give me result of this Powershell command:

get-service storagenode* | select -property name,starttype

I think I mentioned that they where set to automatic in my OP?

Name                StartType
----                ---------
storagenode         Automatic
storagenode-updater Automatic

Yes, you are. However, it has at least two types of Autostart, I want to be sure which one is used.
Do you have anything in the

cat -Tail 20 "$env:ProgramFiles\Storj\Storage Node\storagenode-updater.log"

But both should start the service, depending on any dependencies?
Your suggestion to view the latest 20 lines of the log did not show up anything, as I also commented about.

Running cat “$env:ProgramFiles/Storj/Storage Node/storagenode.log” | Select-String -pattern error
Did not show anything important either.

Did you try to start manually? To make sure its not getting errors starting.

Assuming if you installed your node in the default location you would run this, but if you didnt you would need to run the location where you installed it.

I did start it manually

If my location would be different I would not have that file present…

I didn’t install in that location and I still somehow get a log from there. It’s not the correct log tho.

You can see the log location in the log.output: parameter of the configuration file "%ProgramFiles%\Storj\Storage Node\config.yaml":

sls "log.output:" "$env:ProgramFiles\Storj\Storage Node\config.yaml"

If you installed the storagenode to other place, not default, then the config.yaml should be in that place too. You should use the path to the new location in the scripts above.

and that log contains all the get/put data?

Yes I believe it does. I may have installed in the default location when I first tested the GUI on windows, But I reinstalled after and I installed it in a different location so my logs were in another place. So if you did the same I would double check to make sure.

No, I used the default location