With the recent changes to Storj Node Payouts, should I consider gracefully exit non-production satellites?

I have 4 nodes:

  • Node 1: Started in Sept-2019 (16TB)
  • Node 2-3-4: Started in 2022 (4TB each)

Node 1 is kind of old, mostly full of test data and Egress is kind of low, most of the payout come from the test data. The new nodes have almost the same Egress with only 1/4 of the volume.

I was considering gracefully exit Node 1 of the non-production satellites for a while but with the current / incoming price drop I dont know if it’s better to stick with the income of the cold test data or not.

Probably not the only one in this case so asking for advices :slight_smile:

PS: Why Storj do not start removing most of the test data? Like 5-10% per month

If you remove any data — you won’t be paid for that data. You also don’t know what egress will test data exhibit in the future: test data access pattern is meant to mimic customer activity.

If you want to replace test data with customer data for some other reasons — great, but this is precisely what Storj is planning to do gradually anyway.

So in my opinion — don’t micromanage the nodes. Let them run as is. If you remove the test data you will definitely see a dip in earnings due to having just removed some data. I don’t see an upside here

It is not possible to exit “for a while”. Once an exit is performed that node (identity) will never be accepted by that satellite again.


Sorry about the misunderstanding I know exist is permanent, I was saying “I had the idea in my head for some time but wasn’t decided to do it yet”

Looking at the stats of this node the current gradually rate is… really low.

Test data give you income from storage but very low income from Egress. That’s the main raison I was thinking about exiting those.

I know it’ll lose the “data” income from the node I exit. If I do it I’ll not exit all of them at the same time.

Related to this subject will the node dashboard be updated to reflect the different payments from the production and test sats?