Wondering about BAT

If Storj is thinking about integrating with github, they might also consider accepting BAT payments since github accounts can now register as Creators with Brave Rewards and receive tips in BAT via the Brave Browser…

Of course, that may remove one of the incentives to maintain STORJ tokens.

BAT … man ! sounds like a feature to accept different cryptos for Tardigrade accounts.

They’re probably going to end up there anyway…

Think of the following payment for services flow:

  1. github persona signs up as a Creator for Brave Rewards.
  2. BAT tips drip in from various places.
  3. github persona sees “gitbackup” ad on github page and clicks on it.
  4. github persona exclaims: “Hey! They accept these BAT thingies! Sign me up!”

Do you have stocks in BAT or something? lol

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Because he is :bat: :man:

I have no developmental role in and am in no way officially associated with Brave or the BAT ecosystem.

I am a crypto-supporter and blockchain enthusiast. And BAT is just gonna get bigger until it takes over much of the ERC-20 token space.

Right now there are 9,321 registered Github accounts … So, if one were to market a data storage solution to github users with the ability to pay in crypto, accepting BAT payments will make it that much easier to gain customers.

The BAT Token… sigh… we are all nerds.

No it just sounds like your a big fan of BAT, im a supporter of crypto as well but BAT isnt the one im supporting on storj platform if they start accepting BAT instead of storj people are soon gonna ask them to pay them in another crypto when storj is there bread and butter. If they were to switch to something else then it would drive the price of storj way down making it useless.

There are benefits to accepting other tokens… There’s already a 10% bonus attached to paying in STORJ vs. USD. There’s no reason why there couldn’t be a 3% deduction taken for payments in BAT. If the service is offered on github and potential customers may already have plenty of BAT, then maybe those customers will sign on the dotted line with BAT rather than go through the extra steps of exchanging their BAT for STORJ and losing both time and funds through the transaction process.

Just a few thoughts… I certainly don’t expect anything other than the current methods of payment for the foreseeable future. However, eventually there’s likely to be a big crunch within the ERC-20 token space resulting in a handful of tokens that become universally accepted as payment for services on various platforms. My guess is BAT has a really big head start on winning that race.

Well since there all on the erc-20 already you can already send payments to the same eth address, Thats not really the problem, its the fact BAT and Storj are in the competing in the same space, If you think storj should accept BAT they obviously could but then that would have to convert it back to there token. To keep there price of storj so it could be viable in the future.

Exactly… and thus my above suggestion of a 3% deduction for payment in BAT vs. a 10% bonus for payment in STORJ.

They already accept two forms of payment. A CC processor charges a fee for the service. So, accepting BAT is very similar, except the fee is paid to a DEX.

But… armchairing a discussion is more fun than doing something productive… EDIT: Of course this last is self-referential.

BAT owners can easily change them in StorJ if they would like to use that for paying tardigrade.
If the token demand go up the price follow, I think it’s much better for SNOs

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I would imagine it’d be an accounting nightmare for Storj to deal with a plethora of cryptos. They have to report these things to the IRS for taxation purposes. I don’t see them using any other token. (My opinion only) Storj they can reuse to pay SNO’s. Any other token would have to be traded for USD, and that would be a lot of itemizing for the IRS.

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