Would the huge drop in traffic be related to Stefan or other tests?

Screenshot 2020-03-29 at 14.34.37

We are talking 50% drop, mainly ingress over the last couple of days

Or the fact theirs a global crisis happening right now.

Sure, but the drop just happened now and I’m not based in the US

Well its not just the US that is being effected though my traffic started to drop in the middle of march. This isn’t just effecting the US its the entire world being effected. Maybe im wrong.

I looks like traffic originating from two satellites was responsible for the peak, looks like 100% test traffic as the peak happened almost at the same time, and is now lost, peaked around 15 Mars.

Has nothing to do with corona. I hope everyone is fine however.

My node basically flatlined as of today around 1500 GMT.
was getting 90%+ of my traffic routed from the saltlake satellite, which has now slowed to being all but gone.

Can’t see any problem, tho our switch from winter to summer time has me a bit worried, no error in the log tho, i’ll give it some time and see what happens, but was a bit interested in hearing if anyone else was getting the same numbers.

and yeah hope everybody is taking care and getting through corona well.

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thanks, then i won’t start tinkering to look for errors on my end.

maybe somebody tripped over a network cable… xD

Yea, I’m seeing the same, but around 16.40 GMT

Saltlake traffic is test traffic. So if a test pattern is over, there’s no more traffic for the moment.
No reason to worry all the time only because traffic dropped. Only if you get no traffic at all I’d be worried.


Same in Europe, egress completely flat. Ingress on 300-400KB/s level with spikes to 1-1,5MB/s

Not sure if this is relevant, but after i updated to the latest node version. v0.35.3 instead of v0.34.6.
it resumed at it’s former activity level… not sure if that was just random chance…

resumed former activity level at 2130 GMT, and the node was updated at 1930 GMT and ofc rebooted.
i’m getting about 200KB/s egress and 800KB/s ingress. maybe 150 and 700.

i think in V2 the version could cause drops in activity, which was why i ended up double checking that i was on the right version… and my node is only 20 some days incase my numbers look off.

this was just a coincidence… it went up at 21:15pm GMT

Mine is a bit different:

Most of it is from stefan-benten satellite:

And some from saltlake, but there was a big gap with zero traffic:

Europe-west seems constant traffic:

Asia-east and US-central are at almost zero.

doesn’t look much different, we all seemed to get a 6 hour drop… tho i wouldn’t mind getting all that traffic you are seeing lol… i still mostly get routes from saltlake, but i suppose i’m not fully vetted yet or something.

Yeah, I got the drop, but it wasn’t to zero. Though I also may have missed the post that said the traffic went back up :).

Not sure about others, but my nodes updated to version v1.0.1 and did not come back up. I had to manually recreate all the docker images, for them to spin up again. This incurred quite some downtime for me…
Was this just me, or did more operators have this issue?

And that’s why I manually update my node. I did not have problems updating to 1.0.1.

I never had any problem with watchtower updating my 3 nodes on the same host. Update just happened and was fine.

Thanks! That’s good to know, @kevink. I did update my docker commands, very recently, so I am not sure that could have caused it, any idea’s? I just hope that no other nodes are affected by this, as that could be a problem for the network…