Would there be a payout scheme revised to present the worldwide cost of Storage and node running?

As the Tardigrade pricing and SNO Payout are pegged to the USD, when strong deflation happens to the USD, would the payout scheme be revised to represent the worldwide cost of Storage and cost of running a node? Would 1.5 /TBm ingress and 20 /TB egress be open for redefining?

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We peg prices for Tardigrade users (and payments to SNO operators) in USD, because the dollar is less volatile than crypto-currency, and because the vast majority of cloud storage purchases are conducted in USD.

Over time, we could consider denominating both in STORJ, but…for now…the USD pricing appears to be more intuitive and helpful for the vast, vast majority of our users, potential customers, and SNOs.

We’re always looking at ways to optimize the incentive model for Storage Nodes. As mentioned above, it’s critical to strike a balance in the 2-sided storage market ensuring we’re competitively priced for the customer and partner use cases we pursue and that we provide sufficiently compelling economics for our pool of SNOs.

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