Wrong wallet address specified

hi Guys,
when I created my storj node, I accidentally specified the wrong wallet number (coinbase ethereum address).
I just figured out that it is not supported…
I created a “my ethereum wallet - MEW” and specified that address after these steps:
docker stop -t 300 storagenode
docker rm storagenode

does this mean that my first payment is lost?
can it be transferred to my new - correct - address?
thank you

Stopping and removing the container never touches the stored data. You just need to change the wallet address in your docker command and all future payments go to this address, that includes everything which is not paid yet.

thank you for your reply.
i modified the docker command, so it contains the right address now -> this means that the future payments are OK, i get that

what about the previous payment? as far as I understand, it is lost forever.
thanks, Gergo

Do you mean the payment for April? Yes, that’s gone. Once it’s processed there is no way back

thank you for the clarification!
have a great day

Coinbase has your tokens, so if you want them back you’d have to contact them. I don’t give you much of a chance of recovering them though. If this was your first payout it’s likely not worth the effort.

but is it possible to send STORJ tokens to an ETH wallet to Coinbase?
(I cannot see it on my Coinbase ETH wallet)

It’s possible to send tokens to any possible address. You can find the transaction on etherscan.io and see that it happened.

There’s Coinbase “The Exchange” … and there’s Coinbase “The Wallet” …

The Exchange addresses are valid Ethereum addresses, but Coinbase will not accept the incoming tokens for deposit…

STORJ is not on the supported token list … and so, any incoming STORJ deposits go missing.

However, Coinbase also has a non-custodial wallet program which runs on your local OS. The addresses associated with the non-custodial stand-alone Coinbase Wallet program are fine…

But, always double check all addresses before sending tokens or running your node.

To generalize that, any wallet that lets you hold the key is fine. Even if the wallet doesn’t support tokens, you can import it into other wallet software as long as you hold the key. Since exchanges don’t give you any keys to manage, you know you’re not the owner of that wallet. They are. Even if they do support the token, that’s a risk. if they choose to delist it, you’re in trouble. So yeah, always use a wallet for which you hold the keys.


I downloaded the “MEW wallet” app (https://www.myetherwallet.com/) for my android phone and created an account there.
this address is now in my docker command. hope it will work.

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